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Your name is Jake Strider-English, you're 16 years old, and you're a vampire. You have a robotic arm and a robotic wing, as well as several scars from fights you've won. You have a loving family made up of your husband Dirk and your birdsprites Jade, Jack, and Darren.

Your chumhandle is golgothasUndead.

January 4 2014, 9pm

...3 months ago

Write a Headcanon about my character


If it’s good, it will become official.


January 4 2014, 6pm

...3 months ago


"I think I have some food in my sylladex…"

>You continue your trudging, cursing the sandyness of the environment. You hope to god you can find her.

"Well, we can always port right back to your house with her!"

> You don’t remember if you’ve eaten recently, yourself. Well, you could probably get Dirk to send you one of your “juice boxes” if you need to, and if he hasn’t already given them to some fairy. That’d be so like him.
> You squint through your glasses.

"…What’s that there? Some kind of cave, perchance?"